Martin Carthy live in 1984: New download album

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 18 November 2013

On 20 October 2013 Smooth Operations Productions, through their offshoot Delphonic Music of Oldham, Lancashire, released the final in their trilogy of Martin Carthy live archive recordings. Whilst the first and second of this set dated from the early and late 1970s the new release was recorded in Whitby in 1984.

VIEW ” Live in Whitby 1984″ in DISCOGRAPHY


The trilogy has provided us with a total of 20 previously unreleased live recordings, several of which feature arrangements that differ froam those on Martin’s studio recordings. Two of the songs have not been previously released by Martin while a further four have only been available outside his core discography.

The Crafty Maid’s Policy and Funeral Party (aka Invitation To A Funeral) are previously unreleased by Martin in any form.
Johnny Sands (on Live in St Albans, 1973) was on the 2011 live album The January Man: Live in Belfast, 1978 and appears on an obscure BBC transcription disc from 1978.
The False Lover Won Back (on Live in Sidmouth, 1979) was a bonus track on the 2005 Castle Music reissue of Shearwater in a version from a 1972 John Peel session.
Green Wedding (on Live in Whitby, 1984) was sung on an unreleased Peel session on 3 October 1974 and appeared on the 2011 live album The January Man: Live in Belfast, 1978.
Oor Hamlet (on Live in Whitby, 1984) has long been a live favourite and was released on the 2001 Carthy Chronicles box set as well as the limited edition Live at Ruskin Mill CD.

Download in iTunes
Listen to previews on the Delphonic Music website


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