Martin Carthy live in 1973: New download album

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 2 May 2013

Smooth Operations are well known to British and Irish folk music aficionados for their links to the BBC Folk Awards and Cambridge Folk Festival and as the producers of numerous television and radio programmes for the BBC, Sky Arts and RTÉ. Over the course of more than 20 years they have built up an extensive archive of live recordings and now, through their Delphonic Music offshoot, they are making some of their rare archive recordings available to download.

Folk Vault 2
Amongst the initial batch of recordings is the first of three promised Martin Carthy live sets. The Folk Vault includes seven songs recorded live in St Albans in 1973 and, although relatively short at just under 22 minutes, it offers a fascinating insight into Carthy’s live repertoire during the period immediately prior to his 1974 Sweet Wivelsfield album.

Listen to previews on the Delphonic Music website

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2 Responses to Martin Carthy live in 1973: New download album

  1. […] reported in an earlier post, Delphonic Music are releasing three download-only albums of exclusive live Martin Carthy material. […]

  2. […] released the final in their trilogy of Martin Carthy live archive recordings. Whilst the first and second of this set dated from the early and late 1970s the new release was recorded in Whitby […]

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