The Landfill Project

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 17 Nov 2010

This project looks like it has the potential to become really fascinating – and not just for Carthy fans. It’s curated by Sedayne who has published a detailed explanation of the project on the Folk Police website and I’m sure he won’t mind me reproducing his entire post here.

Click on the picture to go to the original Folk Police blog post or click here to read the ongoing Mudcat thread.

I’ll monitor the progress of the project and update this post with any significant developments as they occur.

Over to Sedayne…

This is an open invitation to any folk / floor singer, amatuer, semi-pro or pro, anywhere in the world, to contribute to an on-line project in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Martin Carthy’s album Landfall.

The Landfill Project – curator: Sedayne.

2011 is the 40th anniversary of many significant albums, not least of which is Martin Carthy’s Landfall, with its iconic cover (actually from the Topic re-issue of 1977) declaring the unashamed pastoral nature of the folk scene of 40 years ago. These days, our environmental concerns are perhaps a little different, hence Landfill rather than Landfall. Thus I might ask if there are any visual artists out there who could provide a suitable homage of the 1977 Topic edition of Landfall, but actually depicting a Landfill. I guess the seagulls, rolling contours and ominous skies would be a constant, whilst the proud ploughman would be driving some class of landfill compactor over this artificial landscape.

As for the songs – Landfall is a rugged mix of the traditional & the contemporary, most of which I still hear sung today in clubs and singarounds today, so the initial appeal would be to those floor-singers who have any of these in their regular repertoires and would like to donate a recording.

Here are the songs:

Here’s Adieu to All Judges and Juries
Brown Adam (Child 98)
O’er the Hills
Cruel Mother (Child 20)
Cold Haily Windy Night
His Name Is Andrew (Dave Ackles)
The Bold Poachers
Dust to Dust (John Kirkpatrick)
The Broomfield Hill
The January Man (Dave Goulder)

Given that this will be an on-line download edition only, there will be no limit to the amount of people covering each song, giving each their own distinctive spin, variations etc. so – the more the merrier really – accompanied, unaccompanied, solo, groups, come what may. If any singer wishes to cover the entire album they will be more than welcome to do so. Likewise, there will be no limits on the number of visual interpretations of the cover image.

This will be an open venture reflecting the open & democratic nature of the Folk Scene of today. Like a singaround, no money will be involved at an level – time will be given freely and the music will be available for all.

Most importantly, there will be no vetting for quality control at any level other than at the discretion of each singer – it being assumed that if you are prepared to sing a song in a folk club or singaround then it is more than worthy of being featured here.

Home & field recordings heartily encouraged and whilst professional singers are welcome there will be no deference given. The Landfill Project is about ALL folk singers of the English Speaking World & beyond who have been touched by this remarkable album and have been moved to sing the songs themselves.

If the response is good, I will be hosting it as a blogspot throughout 2011 featuring full graphic material and biographical info on each singer with links to the downloadable material and encourage as many Landfall / Landfill themed singarounds as possible throughout the year. If singers wish to make their contributions via YouTube, this will be seen as A Very Good Thing too.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

UPDATE: 22 Nov 2010

In the spirit of the project I’ve put together a Spotify playlist of tracks mirroring the original Landfall track list which you can listen to here. You’ll need to have access to Spotify (not available in some territories) and to sign up to an account (free accounts are available).

I’ve also made an attempt at making a cover image – see above. It’s pretty basic but it uses part of the image used for the 1977 Topic Records reissue and the font from the original 1971 Philips issue. See a large version of the image here.

UPDATE: 20 Apr 2011

The project appears to have been scrapped, although this mudcat thread suggest that it may be resurrected at some point. Fingers crossed.

Kevin Boyd


One Response to The Landfill Project

  1. The Folk Police says:

    Hello Kev,

    Thanks for posting the information about Sedayne’s Landfill Project here. If anyone out there is interested in contributing a song or some artwork, you can get a message Sedayne via the Folk Police contact page at

    All the best,

    Nigel Spencer,
    Folk Police Recordings

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