Rarities: “Shearwater” 8-track cartridge

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 10 April 2010


Pegasus Y8PEG 12

I had no idea the 1972 Shearwater album had been released on 8 Track until this copy became available on eBay recently. It’s on the Pegasus (PEG) label which would make it a ‘first edition’ from 1972 but, like its vinyl counterpart, it wouldn’t have been available for long before it was deleted from the catalogue. The vinyl version was later re-issued by Mooncrest.

I don’t have the equipment to play this but the track list shows the same songs as are featured on the original vinyl release but in a completely different order. Curiously, given this reworked track list, “Famous Flower Of Serving Men” is made to straddle two of the four programmes, meaning there would have been a break in the middle of the track. See more about this album’s release history here.

I’m aware that Pegasus also released the Steeleye Span album “Ten Man Mop” on 8 Track in late 1971 but I’ve been unable to obtain a copy.

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