Imagined Village on YouTube

Posted by Kevin Boyd, 9 Jan 2010

The new Imagine Village album is released on Monday 11 January on the new ECC label. A number of new YouTube clips have recently appeared to promote the album and the accompanying January tour:

Electronic press kit:

(Space Girl / Scarborough Fair / Cum On feel The Noize / My Son John)

Eliza’s “Space Girl” (full animated video):

Martin’s “My Son John” (full version):

I think this last one is set to join the likes of Famous Flower, Dominion Of The Sword et al. in the canon of truly great Martin Carthy re-writes. He did an astonishing solo version when I saw him a few weeks ago.

… and this live version of Martin singing Cum On Feel the Noize from the Bridport Arts Centre showcase gig has been knocking around for a while:

The band’s MySpace page has recently been updated:

… and they now have a dedicated space on the new ECC Records website:

And finally, there’s additional information about the CD and tour on John Crosby’s website:


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